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Report about the holding postgraduate annual academic conference parallel session at school of international education


Postgraduate academic year conference parallel session in school of international education entitled in inspire innovation, culture-cross communication, and was aimed at enhancing academic exchange, activating academic atmosphere and encouraging innovative thought. It started on December 11th and ended on December 18th.

During the academic annual conference, there were 10 seminars were held, the cross-culture research expert Hannah Wong from Singapore, Profess Zhang Xiangrong form school of electrical engineering were invited to give report for international students . the report covers cross culture distinguish and adapt, radar imaging and intelligent recognition, digital signal processing and so on such professional fields, and international students’ tutor, Prof. Gao Xinbo, Prof. Hou Biao, associate Prof. Zhai Huiqing and associate Prof. Zhang Weili were invited to provide international students with guidance in aspects of scientific research training and scientific literacy improvement.

The academic annual conference collected papers from all international students and received 13 papers in total, the paper Simple Systematic Frequency Reconfigurable Patch Antenna written by HOSSAM won school excellent best thesis, and ELWAN’s A Semi-Automatic Image Registration using Harris Corner Detection and Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC) won school excellent thesis prize