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Electronic Information +" Forum of The Gobal Hard and Core Technology Conference


"Electronic Information +" Forum of The Gobal Hard and Core Technology 

The Global Hard and Core Technology Conference 2017 was hold at the Shaanxi hotel at 14:00 PM on November 7. As one of the nine sub-forums of hard and core technology, the "Electronic information +" innovation forum was hold by Xidian university,and co-sponsored by antenna industry alliance, the electronics association of Shaanxi province, CCF and YOCSEF. The important people from academia, industry, investment community were inverted, to discuss the new model of electronic information from the aspects of communication, radar, semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, antenna, artificial intelligence and so on, to explore a new way of integration of electronic information with all walks of life. All of these will promote the transformation and upgrading of electronic information industry, help the development of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and promote the local economy development of Shaanxi province.