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Registration and Admission

Documents required for registration

  1. Original Admission Letter and Visa Application for Study in China (JW 202 form);

  2. Original passports and passport copy of page with basic information, arrival date and visa issued by the embassy;

  3. Physical examination forms (including the original blood laboratory test reports, X-rays and electrocardiograms).The physical examination can be done in China;

  4. 12 personal passport-sized(4.8*3.3cm,white background)

Note Students should enroll in Xidian University within the registration period (specified in the Admission Letter). Otherwise, one will be deprived of the student status. Exception can be made to those who has informed the school of their specific reasons and whose delay has been permitted.

For students who hold X visa to China, they are required to get the Residence Permit within 30 days after they enter China. Otherwise, they will be fined 1000RMB per day if their visa expired.

Fee Structure

Application FeeRMB400
InsuranceRMB 600  per year  
Tuition Fee

Liberal ArtsScience and EngineeringMedicine /Stomatology
Ph D studentRMB26,300 RMB38,600 MB45,400
(English medium)RMB35,000  (English medium)RMB45,000  (English medium)RMB55,000  
Accommodation(per person)
Campus of Humanities and ScienceRMB1200 per month Building No. 5, flat with 2 single rooms RMB600 per month Building No.4, A flat with 2 rooms(shared by 4 students, 2 students in one room)
RMB1,200 per month Building No.2,Single room RMB900 per month Building No.1, flat with 4 single rooms
Campus of MedicineRMB12000 per year Single room RMB7200 per year A flat with 2 rooms(shared by 4 students, 2 students in one room)

Note Foreign currency or check is not acceptable.

Medical Insurance

In order to ensure the safety of foreign students during their study in China, Chinese Educational Department requires that all foreign students should purchase medical insurance. The insurance should at least cover both accidental damage and hospital treatment. This insurance would be the necessity for foreign students to complete their registration in China.

Accommodations details

Location: Foreign Students Buildings in Maple Garden, Xidian University Facilities available: central air-conditioner, internet access (paid), shower, and flush toilet

Note Students should purchase bedding by themselves. They can also purchase it in the Life Administration Office, College of Foreign Students Education.( 260 RMB for each set).