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Welcome to Xidian University

Xidian University is a key national university under the Ministry of Education of China. It focuses primarily on electronics and information education and research, and also offers a wide range of academic subjects covering engineering, science, management, economics, arts and social sciences. It has been approved by the state to be one of the universities funded by “Project 211” and it is one of the 55 universities having a Graduate School, one of the 35 universities having a national demonstration School of Software and one of the 15 universities having an IC Talents Training Center. It is an essential base of IT talents training and high level scientific research innovation.

Now, Xidian University has over 40,000 students including over 1,400 Ph. D. students and 7,000 Master students. Of its 1,696 academic research and teaching faculty members, there are over 900 professors and associate professors. The University is organized into 13 schools, i.e., Graduate School, School of Telecommunications Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Computer Science and Technology, School of Mechanoelectronic Engineering, School of Technical Physics, School of Science, School of Software Engineering, School of Microelectronics, School of Economics and Management, School of Humanities and Arts, Network Continuing Education School, and Chang'an School. There are 3 state key laboratories, 4 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 16 provincial and other ministerial key laboratories and 30 institutes or research centers. At present , Xidian University has 7 national key disciplines, 6 postdoctoral programs, 27 doctoral programs, 63 master's programs and 41 bachelor's programs, which cover the range of specialities in electronics and information technology. In the fields of communication networks, signal and information processing, information security, microelectronics and mechatronics, Xidian University possesses distinctive advantages and features in discipline construction and scientific research at home and abroad. Since 1996 the employment rates of undergraduates and postgraduates have remained to be 97% and 100% respectively, which rank top in China.

In recent years, Xidian University has quickened its internationalization pace by establishing cooperative relationships and conducting academic cooperation and exchanges with over 100 universities and institutions in more than 50 countries. Its library, a national information retrieval center, has a collection of 2,700,000 items including 600,000 kinds of ebooks. The University has been constantly improving its infrastructure construction. Its campus proper occupies over 60 hectares with a floor space of over 600,000 square meters. Its new campus, located in Xi'an southern College City, has an area of 200 hectares. At present, 660,000 square meters of floor space has been put into use for more than 20,000 students and staffs.

For nearly 80 years since its foundation, Xidian University has produced over 100,000 graduatesand postgraduates in the fields of engineering and technology. In the new era of knowledge economy and in the digital age, Xidian University is making great efforts to build itself into an open research university with distinctive features, aiming to be first-class in China and well-known in the world.