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Zhangren Huang

Zhangren Huang, Male, graduated from Department of Civil Engineering of Xidian University in 1938. He obtained University of Michigan master of Engineering in 1952, and was awarded honorary professor of American Central Connecticut University in 1990. Once was Vice director of engineering division headquarters of China Air Force; associate professor of Taiwan University Department of Civil Engineering; Bride engineers of Michigan Road Bureau of America; and engineer of American J.G. WHITE head office in New York.  

Jun Ke

Mr. Jun Ke, graduated from Department of Chemistry of Xidian University in 1938. In 1944, he went to University of Birmingham and got doctor degree. He was once University of Birmingham department of metallography lifelong instructor, group leader of transformation kinetics research team, professor and the vice president and director of its department of Chemistry, Beijing University department of physics’ magnetics and metal physics teaching teaching and research section deputy director, member of Degree Commission of the State Council, member of Material Science group of State Science Commission, vice chairmen of China Electron Microscope Academy, vice president of International History of Medical Science Academy of East Asia and so on. His academic achievements won high international reputation. He was successively awarded honorary Doctorate Degree by Mcmaster University of Canada and British Surrey University, and in 1985, the US city of Ed, home of converter awarded Jun Ke Ironmaster.  

Yangyu Ou

Yangyu Ou, member of CCP graduated from Department of Electrical Machine of Xidian University in 1948, and got Power Engineering Institute of Moscow science and technology doctorate degree in 1957. Appointed as general engineer of nuclear reactor engineering design of Design Institute of Ministry of Nuclear Industry, deputy chief engineer of Ministry of Nuclear Industry Design Institute, the nuclear power chief engineer and vice president of Nuclear Research and Design Institute of Shanghai, chief engineer of China Nuclear Corporation, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant general designer, Pakistan Chashma Nuclear Power Engineering general designer        

Peigang Zhang

Peigang Zhang graduated from Xidian University with honor, then was sent to former social science research institute of Central Research to do Agriculture economic research. In 1941, he became Xidian University the first one sent to study abroad in America at Tsinghua University indemnity expense. Four year later, he got Harvard University economic doctorate degree. In 1946 he worked as professor and department director of Xidian University Department of Economic when he returned. At the beginning of 1948, Peigang Zhang was appointed as Economic Commission

Xiaozhong Huang

Xiaozhong Huang studied in Xidian University Department of Mechanics in 1938 and graduated after 4 years; from 1945 to 1949, he went to study in Massachusetts Institute of Technology in which he was majored in the research of the latest jet propulsion system appearing after the Second World War, and got doctor degree of engineering. During the 30 years since 1950, he was working in American Aerospace industry field. He was once project director of Aerospace Jet System Corporation in which he participated in jet system design of the first supersonic aircraft X-1 and X-1.5 (7 times sound-speed aerospace machine, the steepest record keeper). Having been working in that corporation for many years, Xiaozhong Huang promoted to be chief engineer and project department director, participating and undertaking several big plans such as moon landing, jet system of space shuttle and long-range missile, and taking in charge of first large Liquid hydrogen rocket engine’s key technological breakthrough and research, this made significant contribution to the success of American Moon-landing Plan. So he was known as world authorized aerospace rocket scientist by public.

Rongti Chen

Rongti Chen, male, entered Xidian University graduate school in 1942, he was admitted as students at public expenses in 1944 when he graduated from university. In 1952, Rongti Chen got doctor degree of Indiana University. From 1952 to 1593, he was doing post-graduate research in Northwestern University of United States. Then he worked as researcher of Chicago University Cryogenic Lab from 1953 to 1954 and was engaged in research work in US Atomica Commission there. He returned to China on September of 1954 and became professor of Nankai University till now.    

Furen Dong

Furen Dong, Mail, famous economist in China, graduated from Xidian University Department of Economics. From 1953 to 1957, studied in Moscow State Institute of Economics as a graduate and got Candidate of Sciences. He was once the lecturer of Xidian University Department of Economics, group leader of administrative leadership team of Economics Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science, deputy director of Economics Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Science, vice president of graduate school of Chinese Academy of Social Science, director of Economics Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Science, besides, he was also professor of Beijing University, Xidian University and Renmin University of China.        

Jingwen Li

Jingwen Li was admitted as a student of Xidian University Department of Economics in 1951, two years later, Jingwen Li was sent to study abroad in the Soviet Union where he graduated from Moscow State University of Economics as master degree student. Now he was engaged to be researcher of Chinese Academy of Social Science and director of Quantity & Technology Economics Research Institute. Jingwen Li is the only one social science expert who has been selected as academician of “Both Academies” in China so far. What’s more, Jingwen Li is foreign academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, academician of Russian Academy of Human Science, deputy chief of Applied Economics group of Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, group leader of Economics and Management Review Group of National Post-Doctor Regulatory Commission, the China domestic foregoer in disciplines like technical economics, quantity economics, logistics and architecture, building materials, corporation, etc. and the first one of famous experts who carried out technical economics verification research methods and who advocated to do feasibility study in constructional projects in China.

Xiangdong Fu

Xiangdong Fu graduated from Xidian University Department of Virology in 1982. In 1988, he obtained Case Western Reserve University doctor degree of Biochemistry, and got Harvard University post-doctor degree of molecular biology in 1992. Now Xiangdong Fu is professor of the University of California, San Diego Department of Cell and Molecular Medicine, and the member of Advance Science Society of United States, the member of RNA Society, committee member of Leukemia and non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Association, and RayWu Association member of US Bio-medical Science as well.

Gang Yu

Gang Yu, Mail, graduated from Xidian University Department of Physics in 1982, at the same year he went to study abroad in Cornell University of United States, and got master degree of Physics in 1986,later in 1990, he obtained doctor degree of Wharton school of management of University of Pennsylvania. Gang Yu is operational research experts who once worked as chair professor of School of Management of University of Texas at Austin, vice president of Amazon and Dell. He, as well, the professor and doctoral supervisor of Math & System Science Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science, professor and doctoral supervisor of Math & Statistics College of Xidian University, Management Achievement Award of Franz Edelman Winner,and  hief scientist of China 973 Project.  

Yaodong Zhao

Yaodong Zhao, male, graduated from Department of Mechanics of Xidian University, later, he went to study in America and got master degree of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He used to be minister of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan and commissioner of Economy Construction Commission. Yaodong Zhao have been engaged in corporation and economics administration in Taiwan for a long time, established 10 textile factories and undertook the establishment of Sinosteel. During his appointment as minister of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, he is undaunted to be burdened with a lot, with which he showed his talents and won title of minister of “Iron-head”, and made great contribution to the dramatically development of Taiwan’s economy.    

Wenwei Chen

Wenwei Chen, male, famous economist and educationalist, graduated from Department of Economics of Xidian University in 1943, and part-time professor of Xidian University. In 1985, he was appointed to teach in Department of Economics of Marietta College, the famous school of arts and science in United States, Prof. Wenwei Chen is accomplished in economic filed. To commend the excellent achievement he has made in education, Marietta Institute awarded him honor of “Superfine Outstanding Chair Professor” on 150th anniversary in 1985, till now, Prof. Chen is still the only professor remaining the honor in the institute. Wenwei Chen was once won “Versed in both Chinese and Western Learning” prize awarded by “Overseas Zhongshan Society” and United State honorary gold prized awarded by “United States Celebrity Biography Association”.              

Karim Masimov

Karim Masimov, the international lawyer, economist, well versed in Chinese, English and Arabic, he studied international law in School of Law of Xidian University from Sept. 1986 to July 1992 and obtained bachelor degree of law. Now he is Kazakhstan's prime minister. Karim Masimov used to be Director of Labor Bureau of Kazakhstan, senior specialist of Kazakhstan Ministry of International Economics and Trade Office in Urumchi, China, executive chairman of Kazakhstan Corporations in Hong Kong, chief executive of Industrial and Commercial Bank of Alma-Ata, executive banker of Kazakhstan People’s Savings Bank. On Jan. 2006, Karim Masimov became vice prime minister of Kazakhstan, and on that April, he worked as adjunct minister of Kazakhstan Ministry of Economics            

Xiaofan Wang

Xiaofan Wang Studied in Biology Department of Xidian University from 1978 to 1982.He is chair professor of Donald and Elizabeth Cook, the Pharmacology and Cancer Biology Department of Duke University Medical Center and secretary of Society of Chinese Bio-scientists in America. Xiaofan Wang is one of overseas Chinese leading biologists; the lab taken in charge of by Xiaofan Wang has made remarkable achievements in non-growth factor group protein, occurrence of cancer, DNA damage, blood vessel growth and transfer and others in carcinobiology field.        

Zhiyu Hu

Zhiyu Hu, the founder of Legal Training College and Hu Zhi Yu Law Firm. He was studying in Department of English Language of Xidian University from 1979 to 1983. In 1983, he became the first one who went to study Germany as environmental law majored overseas students with results of national top 1,and got German prime minister, Adenauer Scholarship. From 1989 to 1990, Zhiyu Hu was invited to work in Secretary-general Department of Law of United Nations Headquarters in New York as an intern. In 1993, he obtained Doctor of Law of famous Vanderbilt University, one year later, in 1994; he became lawyer in American New York and New Zealand. In 1996, he obtained lawyer license in Washington, d.c. In 2001, Zhiyu Hu obtained Supreme Court of United States lawyer license.