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Xidian University Huashan Scholarships for International Students

The Content of Scholarships

Xidian University offers Huashan Scholarships to recognize excellence and achievement sand to support those for whom finance might prove a barrier to study.  


The Standard of Scholarships:

1. Distinguished scholarship (3 quotas)

● Exempt from registration fee, tuition, laboratory fees, internship, fees for basic learning textbooks and provides free on-campus accommodation;

● A living allowance at the following rates ( per month),

Master’s students & general scholars: CNY 1,000;

Doctoral students & senior scholars: CNY 1,200.

2. Outstanding scholarship (5 quotas)

● Exempt from tuition,

3. Excellent Scholarship (8 quotas)

● Exempt from partial tuition. 


Master and Doctoral Programs:

All majors can be available for Master and Doctoral Programs. 


Eligibility Requirements:

1.Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals and in good health.

2.Applicants should abide by Chinese laws and Xidian university regulations.

3.Applicants should have a competitive academic performance.

4.Applicant is not a recipient of any other scholarships at the time of application.

Application Deadline

Autumn Semester Entry : May 30th 


The application process

1. Candidates can apply online
2. Candidates should submit filled application form, passport photocopy and related educational background 
3. Admitted candidates will be mailed an admission letter and a JW202 Form from SIE four weeks before the enrollment.
4. Admitted candidates can hold their admission letter, filled JW202 Form to apply study visa in the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate.